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Culture is not culture until it shows up in the children

by culturofhonor

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The secret of celebrating a loved one

I’ve never been much of a birthday- person. Of course, I appreciated the gifts I received. But if someone forgot about my birthday, I didn’t really care that much. The same came true for the birthday of others. I never was good at remembering birthdays. Concerning my...

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How I choose my parenting books

Some thoughts to consider before implementing advices from so-called experts into your family In this article I will highlight a few points, what matters to me with every book I read. With those points you can then decide for yourself, which books you want to apply on...

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How to dig for the gold in your child

It is vital for the child to feel loved. To feel known and totally accepted. However, let's be real. There are kids we feel challenged to give them exactly that from the depths of our hearts. Because they are difficult for us to understand, as they are so different...

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